DJ Snuggles releases his highly anticipated debut: THAT BEAT (Issue #1)

Minneapolis, MN, USA - February 28, 2014

After touring around the globe and performing at innumerable live shows, DJ Snuggles has capitalized on his opportunities to build with diverse artists on and off the stage to release his long awaited debut project. Without further adieux Snuggles presents Issue #1of his 2014 EP series titled THAT BEAT.

Features include Sean Anonymous, MaLLy, and Black Spvce (pronounced Black Space) a collective that includes Rapper Hooks, 1990, and DJ Snuggles himself)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tonight on SoulTools Radio, tune into KFAI Radio and hear "Drank" first before #TB3 (THAT BEAT 3) comes out!

This is your first opportunity to check out this piece of work created by Dimitry Killstorm & DJ Snuggles featuring Metasota, Manchita & Mike Mictlan. This is the 2nd time Dimitry and Snuggs have delivered art on the scene, first was (SnuggleStorm) now (Drank).

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Monday, December 8, 2014

DJ Snuggles beatboxing in the latest Microsoft commercial

These words can't really express how grateful i am to have been given the opportunity to share my gift with these wonderful people! Everybody from the cast of the commercial to the tech guys behind the scenes and the folks in the store. THANK YOU!!

Check me out beatboxing in the latest Microsoft commercial and watch us bring joy to surprised holiday shoppers at the Mall of America here:

Chloe and Halle Bailey you are the best!!!!
Jennifer Kirkeby killed em with the robot tho bbhahahaha (Great Times)
Pazazz Star-Choreographer Christhaipho Moua Sage Neal Doug AndersonBryan Daniel Porter & Madeline Belliveau
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Special thanks to (Brianna Glover) for taking care of my look for the commercial!

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