DJ Snuggles releases his highly anticipated debut: THAT BEAT (Issue #1)

Minneapolis, MN, USA - February 28, 2014

After touring around the globe and performing at innumerable live shows, DJ Snuggles has capitalized on his opportunities to build with diverse artists on and off the stage to release his long awaited debut project. Without further adieux Snuggles presents Issue #1of his 2014 EP series titled THAT BEAT.

Features include Sean Anonymous, MaLLy, and Black Spvce (pronounced Black Space) a collective that includes Rapper Hooks, 1990, and DJ Snuggles himself)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Project Due Early Fall W/Soultools Ent

DJ Snuggles is currently working on his 1st solo project due to release early fall!! #SnuggLife

JJ Hill Montessori School Student "Fam Mail"

"Hi dj snuggles you came to jj hill montessori school to beat box for the food drive ta we had i just wanted to tell you that ur so amazing ur beat boxing is incredible. I just wanted to complament you on that because i went to drop of food to the food shelf. My class won the pizza party and this kid in my class said how did you get dj snuggles to come miss brande just dial 1-800-djsnuggles so thznks for comming to my school hope you can come again." 

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