DJ Snuggles releases his highly anticipated debut: THAT BEAT (Issue #1)

Minneapolis, MN, USA - February 28, 2014

After touring around the globe and performing at innumerable live shows, DJ Snuggles has capitalized on his opportunities to build with diverse artists on and off the stage to release his long awaited debut project. Without further adieux Snuggles presents Issue #1of his 2014 EP series titled THAT BEAT.

Features include Sean Anonymous, MaLLy, and Black Spvce (pronounced Black Space) a collective that includes Rapper Hooks, 1990, and DJ Snuggles himself)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I would like to say...

Greetings fans, family, friends, and supporters of all kinds.  First I wanna thank you all for supporting me through the ups and downs I’ve experienced. I appreciate all of you for taking a liking to my work thus far.  2014 has been off the hook (great) and it’s only going to get better.  I’m happy to say that after all these years of doing shows around the world and collaborating with other artists & friends, I am blessed to finally have material I know you’ll appreciate.  

I purposefully delayed the release of my work, because sound quality had not been meeting my expectations.  Until now.  I’m proud to announce that at 5:00pm CST on February 28, 2014 I’ll finally be releasing a new EP (mixtape) entitled THAT BEAT.  This project will be a combination of original music, covers, and performance pieces: songs we created that are meant to be experienced live, not just heard through your headphones.  It features guest appearances from Sean Anonymous and Mally and includes a special track from Black Spvce (that’s Rapper Hooks, 1990, & me… DJ Snuggles).

I am ready to embark on a new journey and I am truly excited to share my work.  I want to present the art of Beatboxing and all it’s natural and unborn elements. I can’t wait to see how you respond to it.  

- James “DJ Snuggles” Logan II

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